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We provide several layers of service including;

  1. On demand Marketing Services

  2. Brand Management

  3. Business Consulting

  4. Innovation Consulting

  5. Entrepreneurial Implementation

  6. Entrepreneurial Integration

  7. Strategic Planning

  8. Distribution Strategies

  9. Emerging Markets Research

  10. Emerging Markets Access

  11. Implementation

  12. Negotiations with suppliers, retailers and distributors

  13. Mentoring

  14. Company Director where required

  15. Board Advice

  16. Additional services include advertising, social media, PR

  17. Managed access to other business professionals as required by your business


Business Services including Marketing, Branding, Planning, Strategy, Implementation and Management, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Hourly Rate : R3500


Developing a road map to a more efficient and profitable business.

Alignment of partners, owners and management.

Identification of bottlenecks, business development strategy and challenges.

Marketing overview, social media, communication requirements and roles.

R15,000 per day​



3 hours per month

allows for basic overview and advisory with mentorship

R9,500 per month

Additional hours at R3,250

6 hours per month

allows for increased input and more focused interaction

R17,500 per month

Additional hours at R2,750


10 hours per month

allows for in depth planning and implementation 

R22,500 per month

Additional hours at R2,250



Laurence Woodburn is a seasoned change manager with over twenty five years of diverse business experience and holds BCom(Hons) and MBA degrees.  He brings a multi-disciplinary background, intellectual depth coupled with strategic vision and a high level of creative and innovative flair.  With experience in Advertising, on both the agency and client side as well as extensive Brand Management, Laurence provides expert business solutions. He has been involved in multiple start-up situations and has had the challenge of providing turn-around solutions and their implementation in several businesses. 


We work closely with several highly effective service providers to supply any specialist services required.




Yale University

Essentials of Global Health

Duke University

Challenges of Global Health

University of Cape Town, Cape Town, S.A.

Master of Business Administration


University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, S.A.

BCom (Honours) in Business Economics

Bachelor of Commerce in Business Economics



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